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amateur wife makes homemovies

BUST:  34b     WAIST:  25"     HIPS:  35"

HEIGHT:  5'6"     WEIGHT:  105 lbs

BIRTHDAY:  6-5-73     LOCATION:  Phoenix, Az

OCCUPATION:  Housewife, Webmistress, & Student

TURN  ONS:  Sunshine, laughter, roller coasters, & nice guys

TURN OFFS:  Bad attitudes, narrow minds, & poor hygiene

PASSIONS:  My family, travel, music, & self expression

APHRODISIACS:   Chocolate & massages! mmmmmmm...

STACIE'S  SECRET:   I NEVER wear panties or bras!

MUSIC:   Chili Peppers, No Doubt, Sublime, Tori Amos, etc.

BOOKS:   The Pigman,  To Kill a Mockingbird

MOVIES:  The Color Purple,  American Beauty

This is only my sample biography. There is a lot more to learn about me on the inside. My email address is available in my member's area, & I personally answer every email. I'm a very open person, so whatever you would like to know...please send me your questions.